Zenva Academy Reviews 2023: Is It Worth It?

zenva academy reviews

Zenva Academy Review 2022:Is It Worth It?



  • Access To All Courses
  • Practical approach
  • Well Experienced experts
  • Chances Of Getting Job


  • Mostly Technical Courses. 

Reviews From Graduates:

  • Facebook: (180 Reviews, Average: 4.9/5)
  • Instagram: (71 Reviews, Average: 4.2/5)
  • Trustpilot:(144 Reviews, Average 4.5/5)
  • Indeed: (3 Reviews, Average: 3.7/5)

Andrés Godoy Lagos

Audiovisual Communicator and 3D Designer. Television Augmented Reality Specialist


Rusnajaa Mohd Yusoff

 Budding Podcaster | Translator | Editor |

Well, what do you know? I still remember a lot of what I learned in uni after dusting out the cobwebs a little bit. After finishing up the basics of HTML and CSS, I am gaining momentum and looking forward to the next lessons!

It’s never too late to start over and learn something new. In my case, refreshing what I knew and gaining a new perspective on it.

What new perspectives have you gained for the new year?



Bachelor of Engineering – BE at Cambridge institute of technology

Learning programming is great skills.
Zenva academy.


Ernest Offor Ugwoke

M.Sc.| IoT, Machine Learning, Web Development

Just finished a course on #”Create Interactive Pages with JavaScript and the DOM API”

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Courtesy: Facebook

Zenva Academy Reviews were quite positive, Hence we have sorted some reviews in our list.

Key Points:

Zenva Academy offers all technical courses through online platforms such as Python mini degree, C++ programming bundle, data science mini degree, HTML, and many more. 

They provide technical courses with a yearly subscription fee. This article will cover all the necessary information related to Zenva and their trending courses. The courses consist of in-depth video lectures, practical knowledge, notes slides, and customer support.

Mainly they offer many mini degrees like Augmented reality, full-stack web development, HTML game development, Python, and virtual reality. Having more than 300 courses, Zenva Academy has a large diversity of options to choose from.

Some free courses such as programming Essentials, introduction to programming, 3D game creation, game development Foundation and many more you can see on their official website. 

Some technical courses are for beginners having no prior knowledge and some for advanced courses in which you need some basic knowledge. 

Can I Get A Job With Zenva Academy?

An average Zenva Academy graduate earns $100000 to $160000 based on the skills you have and the course you choose, and its field. 

Considering skills like artificial intelligence, which is always in high demand as an average package of $160000, technical skills such as data science, Python, c++, full-stack web development, HTML, you can get an average package of $ 120000.

In this 21 century, technical skills are in high demand, and hence there are high chances that you will get a job as we are in the era of Technology. 

Learning Experience and Mobile Usability: 

  • My Courses
  • Unity 101

Fortunately, all the videos come with Bold subtitles to understand better, and thus you will not have many struggles clearing the concepts. It includes HD video lectures with PDF and notes. All the lectures come with subtitles and mobile-friendliness. 

Being an online learning platform, the only problem all the courses are used in the English language, so you can’t access it if you wish to do it in your native languages.

Like other online platforms, Zenva’s Courses comes with mobile application, available on both IOS and Android devices. You get an offline download feature on a mobile App and can access all things in mobile apps. Today In This Zenva Academy Reviews, We will cover all necessary topics required. 

 About The Founder:

About The Founder

Pablo Farias Navarro is the founder of Zenva academy. Talking about Pablo, He has a master’s in Technology (Management) from the University of Queensland Australia master of Science in engineering. 

Since 2012 he has been developing professional technical courses and help 5000000 people to code, and getting placed in significant corporations. 

Pablo is a member of the Intel innovator program and runs live workshops in Bangalore, San Francisco, and Brisbane. He is also a member of oculus start, which boosts upcoming startups and Developers in VR.

Courses Offered:

You Get Access to all courses In Memberships. There are around 200+ courses which you can do.

Python Mini-Degree: 

Regardless of which Industry was in Python is a perfect choice of upskilling; it has become one of the most popular languages. 

Python is used in game development, app development, data science, machine learning, and many more. 

With a Python mini degree, you can acquire advanced language skills and create multi-media games, analyze data, and machine learning. 

This Python mini degree is project-based learning and has access 24/7 at your convenience.

For this mini degree, you do not need any prior knowledge of programming or coding experience. Anyone Passionate about programming can do this course. An average python programmer earns up to $ 110000 per year.

Full-Stack Web Development Course: 

  • Full-time Access
  • 53 hours of video
  • Certification
  • Source code and PDF notes

Full-stack web developer is very versatile they have knowledge of both the front and back end of the development. This zenva’s mini-degree is Fast Track for becoming an Industries top full stack developer. 

It is one of the most growing industries having the highest salary chances and full of growth and opportunities. 

An average full stack developer earns $ 120000 and in the future, it has great demand as it can do the work of both front and back end. 

Advantages of being a full-stack developer: 

  • Master all techniques.
  • Make the prototype quickly
  • Reduce the cost of the project that eventually help you as well as your client
  • Reduce time for conversation
  • Understand all aspects of future technology

Data Science Mini-degree: 

  • 24/7 access
  • 23 hours of video content
  • Certification
  • Source codes and PDF notes.

With this degree, you should be a python expert, and using modern tools, you will learn to analyze, read, and store data. An average data scientist earns $125000. 

Many big corporations realize the importance of data science and data scientist as extract necessary data to analyze and acquire customers. 

Data science adds value to businesses from statistics to insight across workflows, as they have become an integral part of any company. 

In this 21 century, it is a high demand, and one of the fastest-growing industries estimated that it would create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. 

Where is a shortage of data scientist compared to the demand, and has numerous applications all over the Industry that makes data science a great field. 

You Get Access to all courses In Memberships. There are around 200+ courses which you can do.

Go To Courses ➜

About The Instructors:

Graduating over 5 lakh students, the learners gain lifelong skills in Technology programming and gaming. 

All the instructors go through various quality standard checks, and hence most of them what unity certified. 

Zenva has few professional instructors, and hence they do not compromise on quality content and courses. Honestly, there is not much information available about the instructor of Zenva. 

Talking about Pablo (The Founder), he is a professional developer of Creating courses since 2012 and has excellent knowledge in these fields.

Course Relevancy: 

It is a must thing for online educational platforms to keep relevancy and accurate programming practices and frameworks. All the instructors of Zenva are experienced and certified.

Zenva had made a reasonable effort in their course update policy, considering new and updated information, solving major and minor bugs. More details can see on the official website in the policy section. 

By investing for long-term Zenva guarantees the quality of the course as they are very user-friendly and perfect for beginners. Now, Coming Back to the Zenva aAademy reviews. 


Yes, you will get the certificate after completing the course, which is accredited and renowned worldwide. 

But I feel the certificate is reasonable, no doubt, but don’t focus on it. Focus more on practical skills, Real-world information, completing projects, and acquiring an excellent job. 

Advance Features Of Courses:

Get access to all courses for a year: 

At the price of $160, you get access to around 200+ courses for a year. New courses are added every month which will help you to upgrade your information periodically. 

Multiple projects included: 

Projects help you to gain practical knowledge and you face real-world problems and their solutions, whether it’s any course on zenva you have to complete multiple projects to get the certification. 

100% Beginner-friendly: 

If you are a beginner and searching for a course then this should be your choice. Having introductory modules for those people who haven’t coded so far and want to be experienced, programmers and developers. 

Zenva App supporting downloadable videos: 

Zenva app is available on both platforms IOS and Android, having the feature of seeing videos offline.

Things I Like:

Get access to multiple courses at a relatively cheaper rate: 

Unlike other courses such as audacity, udemy, zenva force you to access all courses at a cheaper rate, on other platforms, you have to purchase one course at a time. 

Ex: If you started learning Python, after that, you could learn data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, which do need python basics

Project-based approach: 

Rather than a theoretical approach to get a project-based approach where you have to complete multiple projects during the course.

Building real projects will help you build a professional portfolio, and you will Master some vital skills.

Ex: While learning Python, you have to create games; during the data science program, you have to analyze and present data. 

Good experienced Instructors: 

Most of the professors have 10+ years of teaching experience in programming and development. 

High chances of getting a job: 

As Zenva teaches Day trending and futuristic courses, you have high chances of getting a job or start your own startup. 

Most of the students say they need an extra certification of a college to get placed, Hence Zenva helps you deal with it. 

Things I Don’t Like:

Mostly technical courses: 

In this academy, you see mostly technical courses, you will hardly see non-technical courses here. 

No scholarship or financial aid facility: 

You will not get any kind of scholarships or any kind of financial aid facility unlike some courses do offer. 

Zenva Academy: Is It Worth It? 

Yes, their plan will help your professional career in the long term, and you will focus on your technical and coding skills. 

Zenva Academy’s quality of education beats other online platforms, and you get access to almost all courses at the same place and a cheaper rate. 

Further, Zenva updates its content regularly and tries to be with market trends which you will learn from elite instructors. I hope you liked and enjoyed this Zenva Academy reviews.

FAQ On Zenva Reviews:

For how much time the courses are accessible?

There are two packages monthly and yearly you can either enroll for a month or year.

But Ideally, you should go for a year as it takes time to learn all the skills.

Is there any refund policy?

Yes, there is you have 7 days refund policy if you do not like the course.

Can I download videos of my course?

Yes, you can but only on the mobile app and not on the website of PCs and Macs due to copyright issues

Can I share my project and published games?

Absolutely and I highly suggest you should share your work as much as possible.

Can I reset the course?

Yes, you can

Reasons to do it:

For revision purpose
Missed some key points
Left the course in the middle and wanna start again
Refreshing your knowledge

Ashu Vikhe

Author at OnlineCourseing

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