An Honest Coding Ninjas Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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Hi, I am Ayush Kumar Gupta, and recently I completed a course with Coding Ninjas. It cost me around ₹11,000 (~$140), but I think I will get paid back by the wonderful TA opportunity it provides.

I bought the Data Structures and Algorithms in Java Course and within 3 months I gained sufficient command over this language that I can apply for interviews without any hesitation.

I will be sharing my experience of the course in this Coding Ninjas Review.

Also, I’ll shed some light on the syllabus along with its pricing.

Coding Ninjas Review

Coding Ninjas is a one-stop platform for learning and mastering DS & Algo, Web Development, Data Science & Machine Learning, Interview Preparation.

In this coding ninjas review, I am going to share my experience to help you decide if it’s worth it.

My Background

It was class 8 when I was exposed to the programming world.

In our school we had students to choose between Computer Science or Economics, and for getting selected for Computer Science we had to achieve at least 75 percent marks, so I had heard from my seniors that Computer Science was cool, we were supposed to go to an AC laboratory where we had access to the internet.

After hearing this, I got very excited and started studying Computer Science diligently. Finally, I achieved 90 percent and got selected. As my school was ICSE board, we were taught JAVA from class 8 and my basics of JAVA got cleared till standard 10.

Then, from standard 11 we were introduced to algorithms and some easy data structures. So, I had a gist of some basic DSA. Then, in our college, we had to study C programming in our first Semester.

Why I Bought This Course?

When I was in my 2nd year, I thought of starting Web Development so that I can add some projects to my resume.

I started with HTML and CSS and completed them in 1 month.

Then I made 2 websites using only HTML and CSS. Now the next step in Web dev is Java Script. So with the help of YouTube started learning JavaScript.

In the beginning, it seemed very easy, but after a couple of videos, the instructor said that every viewer should have knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms, only then will we understand the upcoming topics with ease.

So, I called one of my elder brothers who is working in PhonePe. He advised me to go with Coding Ninjas as he had already taken a course, and it had helped him immensely.

Therefore, after researching a lot on YouTube, I finally made up my mind and bought the Data Structures and Algorithms in Java course from Coding Ninjas.

About Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas Home Page

Coding Ninjas is the one-stop platform for learning and practicing coding with guided programs, doubt resolution, code studio, mock interviews, placement help, and support, along with a lot of free and valuable resources.

Coding Ninjas has mentored over 50,000 students hailing from 300 different colleges to develop their coding skills in order to land their dream job.

The content of the courses and program at Coding Ninjas are specially designed by the IIT & Stanford alumni, instant one-on-one doubt resolution, practical learning with over 100 problems, and 10 projects in each course are some of the unique features of this online learning platform which makes it different from others.

They offer various courses on coding, including DS & Algo (C++/Java/Python), Competitive Programming, Interview Preparation, Web Development, Data Science and Machine Learning, Android Development, and that for the beginner to advance levels.

Their “Data Structure and Algorithm” course is highly enrolled and liked by the students aspiring to learn efficient coding. For now, let’s know about the pricing of the courses in this Coding Ninjas Online Course Review.

Coding Ninja’s Courses: What’s on offer

Coding Ninjas is a well-regarded coding academy online and as such has a large range of courses for various different specializations and subjects.

The first range of courses is the Bootcamp courses. These fall into two major topics: full-stack development and Data Analytics. 

These multi-part courses are perfect for professionals or college students looking to train in every facet of full-stack development or data analytics.

These two job boot camps are designed to take your current skills and improve them all the way to a fully employable level – so whether you’re a working professional or a student at university, the improvements you’ll experience can see you jumping up to a better job with higher pay! 

Upskilling courses form the bulk of Coding Ninjas offerings, with a wide range of shorter courses to improve key skills. 

The courses on offer include Basics of Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Java Web Development with Spring Boot, Data Science & Machine Learning, and Product Companies Interview Prep, along with many other courses. 

Each course rests whiting a specific section, Data Structures & Algorithms, Web Development, Competitive Programming, Analytics & Data Science, and Interview Preparation. 

These upskilling courses range from 30 to 70+ hours of course content, so there’s plenty for every skill range! 

Coding Ninjas Pricing

Data Structures and Algorithms Course Pricing – 

Basic Plan – Rs. 5899 or EMI Rs. 787 per month

Standard Plan – Rs. 11,499 or EMI Rs. 1,533 per month

Combo Plan – Rs. 14,999 or EMI Rs. 2000 per month

Premium Plan – Rs. 28,999 or EMI Rs. 3,867 per month

Competitive Programming Course – 

Basic Plan – Rs. 14,159 or EMI Rs. 2,360 per month

Standard Plan – Rs. 24,071 or EMI Rs. 4,012 per month

Combo Plan – Rs. 34,159 or EMI Rs. 5,693 per month

Premium Plan – Rs. 44,071 or EMI Rs. 7,345 per month

Web Development Courses – 

Full Stack Web Development Course, MERN Stack –  Rs. 27,139 to Rs. 55,104

Advanced Front End Web Development Course, React.js – Rs. 14,159 to Rs. 44,071

Full Stack Web Development Course, Node.js + HTML/CSS/JS – Rs. 21,239 to Rs. 50,089

Data Science Courses – 

Data Science & Machine Learning Course – Rs. 29,499 to Rs. 57,110

Machine Learning Course – Rs. 21,239 to Rs. 50,089

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The Features Of The Course

Features of the Course

Coding Ninjas have a very beginner friendly approach and precise content is kept so that we don’t waste on any topic.

We cannot keep on procrastinating as there is a deadline by which we have to complete the particular module.

The faculty here gives a very detailed explanation of each data structure and algorithm and informs where students get stuck and important points.

The Algorithms in DSA were covered in depth and most importantly the interview problems were covered thoroughly. Graph algorithms like Dijkstra, Kruskal’s, etc. were explained thoroughly.

The Syllabus contains

  1. Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS)
  2. Recursion
  3. Time Complexity
  4. Space Complexity
  5. Linked Lists
  6. Stacks
  7. Queues
  8. Binary Trees
  9. Binary Search Trees
  10. Hash maps
  11. Priority Queues
  12. Backtracking
  13. Tries and Huffman
  14. Dynamic Programming and
  15. Graphs

The Teaching Assistants work day and night, which is the best part of the course.

TA Helping Screenshot

If I was not able to understand a particular concept, even if it was 2am (as many programmers tend to code at night), the TAs listened patiently and explained a better approach to the solution using chat or video call.

Actually, the TAs are students who have already done the course and are selected by a rigorous process that includes aptitude as well as command over the language.

I also hope to become a TA, as they are paid almost ₹30000, around 3 times the price of the course. However, unfortunately there are some TAs who don’t always want to fully explain a solution so they will just copy-paste the solution.

The flow of the course is also very good, each topic is covered in enough depth that you don’t need to go elsewhere after completing this course. If you want to master any particular data structure, you can go for this.

I had almost no idea where I should start DSA before Coding Ninjas.

For me, one of the best features I want to reveal in this Coding Ninjas online course review is the Pause feature. This helped me a lot during my college End of Semester Exams.

You can pause the course for a maximum of 60 days, or 90 with premium subscription. As it was my second year in college I had to do many projects, assignments, experiment, reports and many more activities, and sometimes I was not able to give the time to the course.

Corona Pause Feature

Thankfully, in those busy moments, I was able to use the course pause feature. I could pause the whole course for the time I needed, and then come back to it again later. This way I didn’t miss any deadlines for the modules as well as having time to complete my college homework.

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User Experience: Navigating the Platform

The Coding Ninjas platform is busy, and that’s a result of having so many different courses on offer. 

There’s simply a lot of stuff for you to try, and so there’s a lot of information on display at any one time! 

Once you’ve chosen a course and begun it, however, the platform is very sleek and direct. You can stack projects and courses, and each new chapter or lesson is clearly displayed on your dashboard. 

Since the courses are entirely online, the tools and access to resources are clearly laid out and easily accessible for any given course or project.

Pros and Cons of Coding Ninjas

Let’s see about the Pros and Cons of the Coding Ninjas.

Pros of the course:-

  • ✅ 1 on 1, 24*7 Teaching Assistance (TA) support for instant doubt resolution via video conferencing.
  • Wide range of courses related to Coding and Software Development.
  • ✅ Courses can be paused for up to 60 days, for any purpose such as exams, functions, or assignments
  • ✅ Coding Ninjas Data Structures & Algorithms is one of the best beginners coding courses online.
  • ✅ Videos can be replayed at anytime during the course so that you can revise all the topics again, and there’s also a 2-month extension available with the Pro subscription.
  • Ability to connect with classmates and other coders in the same field through Slack, Discord, or via WhatsApp.
  • ✅ Well experienced team of instructors and mentors hailing from top colleges and companies including IIT, IIIT, and Stanford Universities.
  • ✅ Premium quality and valuable content.
  • ✅ On the basis of your performance in any of the full-time courses, you can get a chance to work with them as Teaching Assistant or as an Intern.
  • ✅ Placement cell helps you in developing your online portfolio and getting a job. 
  • ✅ Coding Ninjas provides scholarships to meritorious students by their scholarship test.
  • Excellent community of tech professional and software engineers.

Cons of the course:-

I could not find many Cons to the course; However, there may be chances where we can forget to put on our course pause feature.

There are times when the Teaching Assistants just Copy and Paste the code, which is annoying.

The course is not for lifetime access and after the deadline ends the course is removed. This is probably to fight piracy but is a limitation for students.

  • ❌ Coding Ninjas courses are paid and can be more expensive than other online bootcamps.
  • ❌ Less free courses and study material compared to other platforms.

Comparing Coding Ninjas with Other Platforms

In the online coding space, Coding Ninja’s biggest competitor is probably GeeksFor Geeks or PrepInsta Prime. 

The easiest way to compare these different academies is to measure them on price, quality, resources, and post-course job prospects.

In terms of price, Coding Ninjas is by far and away the most expensive of the three academies. It’s more than 3 times the price of both Geeks For Geeks and PrepInsta Prime! 

For a single standard course on Coding Ninjas, you’ll likely pay in the region of 300 USD. For a similar course with PrepInsta Prime or GeeksForGeeks, the price is closer to $80 to $100.

For quality, GeeksForGeeks is widely regarded as having more robust general teaching material.

However, where Coding Ninjas really shines is in the video quality of their demonstrations and lectures. 

Coding Ninjas releases attractive, easy-to-follow, high-quality videos that are informative and intuitive – making for a great resource to refer back to as a refresher or reminder later on. 

While many students of both courses would say that GeeksForGeeks has better written content, the distinction is not so significant as to be an obvious choice.

However, the quality of Coding Ninjas video offerings is leagues ahead of GeeksFor Geeks.

The range of courses on PrepInsta Prime is also worth noting. Instead of paying per course, a PrepIsnta Prime student pays a subscription that gives them access to all of the courses on the site with 200 courses in total! 

This gives them the opportunity to delve into a huge variety of topics to help them upskill. 

PrepInsta Prime is also more highly regarded by recruiters because of the size of the brand and its name recognition. 

This means that while there is no drawback to taking a course with Coding Ninjas, you are more likely to be noticed with your good grades from PrepInsta Prime than with a certification from either Coding Ninjas or GeeksForGeeks.

Do I Recommend Coding Ninjas?

This course has really helped me gain valuable skills and is definitely worth the time and money. 

That being said, there are a few drawbacks I found while studying. As you can see in the pros and cons list, while there are a few cons, some of them could be easily addressed and would improve Coding Ninjas a lot.

In general, I recommend Coding Ninjas to those who know exactly what they want to study and know what course they want to take. 

The courses are detailed, the pace is good, and the resources are truly informative and educational! 

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Coding Ninjas Online Course Review by Graduates

Akshay Nair

Ratings :

Coding Ninjas has been an amazing, user-friendly platform with dedicated teachers and mentors, they have been providing every possible assistance to the students particularly during this pandemic-via Facebook

Jain Sanchit Quora

Jain Sanchit

MERN Stack Developer

Also just to mention Coding Ninjas Placement cell (Which helps you get a placement or internship through them ) is there which helps students get a job or an internship, I still receive mail quotes often.

-via Quora

JayPrakash Mahto

Data Scientist || ML Engineer

It is an investment for upskilling yourself !!

-via CNOffers

Ankur Agarwal

Aligarh, India

My experience with Coding Ninjas was awesome, both as a student and as a TA later on. The lectures were quite student-friendly and the faculty here is amazing. -via Facebook

Improvement reviews



Ratings :

They take contest and announce everywhere about the contest and at the time of contest the server got down and no question will be shown to the user the worst thing of the coding ninja.

-via Quora

Suman Kumar


Ratings :

They name a course as Data Structure but they don’t have any algorithms included. On asking they say for this you have to pay more. They don’t even include searching & sorting. -via Facebook


What is the difference between the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Premium Plans?

The Premium plan is for those students and professionals who want to get additional features such as placement preparation and support, online portfolio creation, resume reviews, etc.

If you want to learn a programming language with DS and Algo then you should choose the Pro plan. 

If you want to learn a language only with the basics of Data Structure then you should choose the Standard Plan and at last, if you only want to learn the languages without any DS and Algo or any additional feature then you should be choosing the basic plan.

Do the Coding Ninjas Courses or programs guarantee you a job or an Internship?

Courses and Programs do not guarantee you a job or an Internship after the completion of their courses.

If you choose the Premium or Standard plan then you will get placement support, resume reviews, Mock interviews which can help you a lot in getting a job or Internship. 

So, they provide you a chance to work with them as Teaching Assistant or as an Intern if your performance is really good in the respected enrolled courses.

Do Company hires from Coding Ninjas?

Yes, Coding Ninjas is a growing and well-trusted online learning platform which is the reason why over 170 companies have hired students as a developer in the recent past.

Top MNC’s and product-based companies are also aware of the quality of the content and curriculum of this platform

Abhishek Verma

Author at OnlineCourseing

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